Bloomfeld is also the right place for the groom. Our men's collection offers an attractive range of wedding suits for the groom as well as for fathers, friends and witnesses. Quality attire that will make you shine on your wedding day. Want a sustainable investment in your wardrobe? Each suit, made from superior craftmanship, can be styled differently to be worn very well for work or for other events.

We offer the groom customized fashion and excellent service at a budget-friendly price. Our tailors will measure you to perfection with optimum comfort guaranteed. With your choice of quality fabrics in various designs and fashionable colors, the many possibilities in design, make your wedding suit purely personal. Our consultants will gladly help you to make the best choice.

Brands & Designers Bloomfeld in Amsterdam has a remarkable collection of wedding dresses from top designers in the world.
Shine on your big day, and come visit us!
Bloomfeld Celebrities View world known celebrities in Bloomfeld Wedding dresses. You might get the same dress as Kate Middleton and Sandra Bullock.
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